Academic Catalog

Undergraduate Catalog

The Clark Atlanta University 2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog herein incorporates the appropriate academic programs and many of the policies and resources of the University. This Catalog, as well as other official supplements, is not a contract. While the provisions of the Catalog ordinarily will be applied as stated, Clark Atlanta University reserves the right to revise information, including but not limited to academic requirements for graduation, without providing actual or constructive notice to individual students.

Every student is responsible for the completion of his/her academic program and for meeting all degree requirements. It is the individual student's responsibility to keep abreast of the current graduation requirements and any changes in his/her particular degree program. Changes made by a school or department will be available in the appropriate Dean's office. Official updates to the Catalog will appear on the University’s website at

Policies regarding the enrollment of degree-seeking (matriculating) students at Clark Atlanta University are listed below:

  • All students will follow the curriculum and the degree completion requirements specified in the University Catalog issued for the year of their initial enrollment as degree-seeking students.
  • The University will honor degree completion requirements specified for students in the University Catalog for the year of initial enrollment, as long as such enrollment is continuous (summer sessions not included).
  • A student who does not maintain continuous enrollment (summer sessions not included) will follow the degree completion requirements specified in the University Catalog issued the year of readmission.
  • Any student under any degree program who has re-enrolled in the University after interruptions of more than two semesters will be required to apply for readmission and meet the requirements of the current catalog.
  • A student who transfers to another degree program will follow the requirements specified in the University Catalog issued for the year of the transfer to the new degree program.
  • Students responsible for reading and complying with the University policies contained in the Catalog.

General Principles Concerning Student Welfare

Certain regulations have been formulated, at the University, that are deemed to be in the best interest of students and the institution. They are published in full in the current Graduate Student Handbook, copies of which are issued to new students at the beginning of each semester. Students are urged to read carefully these regulations so that they may make informed decisions as members of the University community. The failure of any student to cooperate with members of the University community in their efforts to maintain a wholesome environment or the inability to demonstrate sincerity of purpose and to profit from the experiences and contacts provided by the University are sufficient reasons to withdraw from the student privileges of the graduate experience at the University.