Academic Catalog

Physics, Minor

The Minor in Physics is for students who are majors in other STEM subjects and are interested in acquiring additional knowledge of principles and concepts of Physics. The minor in Physics requires eighteen (18) credit hours of coursework in Physics. These courses provide techniques and skills to solve practical scientific problems.

Required Courses
CPHY 121Physics I: Mechanics3
CPHY 121LPhysics I: Mechanics Lab1
CPHY 122Physics II: Elec & Magnetism3
CPHY 122LPhysics II:Electricity&Mag.Lab1
CPHY 123Physics III:Optics/Modern Phys3
CPHY 123LPhysics III: Optics&Mod.PhyLab1
Total Hours12
Physics Electives
Select 6 credits of the following: 6
Modern Physics
CPHY 312
Mathematical Physics I
Mathematical Physics II
Classical Mechanics 1
Electromagnetic Theory
Thermo & Statistical Mechanics
Intro to Quantum Mechanics
Undergraduate Research I
Total Hours6

CPHY 331 Classical Mechanics will be replaced by CEGR 211 Engineering Statics and CEGR 311 Engineering Dynamics for students participating in the Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP).