Academic Catalog

Special Programs

Clark Atlanta University offers a number of special programs that further enhances the student’s graduate experience. Enrollment in some of these programs may be limited. Inquiries should be addressed to the program directors or other persons as indicated.

Pre-professional Programs

Clark Atlanta students planning careers in engineering, law, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, or the ministry may be guided by their advisors in selecting courses which help to prepare them for admission to professional schools in their field. Information on these programs may be obtained from the academic departments.

Accelerated Dual-Degree Bachelor’s/Master’s Programs

Clark Atlanta offer students accelerated 5-year dual degree bachelor’s and master’s programs in several areas. These include the BS/MS programs in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the BA/MA in Accounting. Information on these programs is provided in the appropriate sections of CAU’s undergraduate catalog.


Clark Atlanta students may participate in a variety of internship programs in public service administration and in private firms and agencies. Internships are part of the instructional program and are offered by departments throughout the University. Students may earn a maximum of two (2) courses of internship credit in one (1) semester and a maximum of four (4) courses of credit during their matriculation. Academic credit is determined by departments, and students must enroll in appropriate courses during the official registration period in order to receive such credit. This registration rule applies to summer sessions as well as to fall and spring semesters.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) is a unique educational experience that combines classroom instruction with supervised, paid career-related work experience. The mission of the Cooperative Education Program is to facilitate the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for academic-related work experiences by integrating classroom studies with experiential learning opportunities.

The program offers undergraduate and graduate students a formalized academic support program to enhance their educational learning experience by acquiring knowledge and developing transferable skills to transition into the workplace. The program further allows students to learn firsthand what challenges professionals in their chosen field face as well as evaluate whether a career is right for them and how their skills might best fit in.

The program provides students with professional work experiences in business, industry, government service and non-profit organizations. Co-op students have the opportunity to connect and network with potential employers early in their career. The University offers following two Coop Work options:

  1. Alternate – The student alternates between a semester of full-time study and a semester of full-time work.
  2. Parallel – The student combines periods of work and study during the same semester.

Academic credit may be awarded for Cooperative Education experiences. The amount of credit awarded varies from one academic department to another. Co-op is available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing at Clark Atlanta University. Graduate students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or higher. All students must submit a completed application packet (application form, resume and unofficial transcript) to enroll in the program. In addition, each student must attend a minimum of three (3) Leadership and Professional Development seminars scheduled during the academic year. For more information, contact the Office of Career Services.

Study Abroad

The study abroad program, in support of the University’s educational curriculum, co-curriculum, research and service endeavors is to promote and facilitate its students, faculty, and other scholars with opportunities in international placement, support services, and professional development experiences to become more culturally competent, knowledgeable, and responsible global leaders.

Clark Atlanta University students have the opportunity to travel and study at foreign colleges and universities around the world regardless of their major field of study. It is strongly recommended that all students take advantage of this cultural and academically-enriching program. Opportunities are available during the summer session, fall and spring semesters.

Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and are required to receive academic credit during their period of study abroad. The department chairs in collaboration with the Dean of Multicultural Affairs perform academic advisement and course approvals prior to departure for study abroad. Additional inquiries relative to study abroad should initially be directed to the department chair and then to the Dean of Multicultural Affairs.

Depending upon the program and the student’s final aid award, eligible students can use their financial aid to underwrite the cost of studying abroad. Students planning to study abroad should meet with their financial aid advisor as far in advance as possible.