Academic Catalog

Teaching - Grades 6-12, M.A.

Credits: 36-37
CIP Code: 131205


The Master of Arts Degree in Teaching: Broad Field Science (Grades 6-12) and the Master of Arts Degree in Teaching: Secondary Mathematics (Grades 6-12) prepare candidates for advanced study in teaching of broad field sciences or mathematics.

In addition to passing the Comprehensive Examination, candidates seeking teacher certification must pass or be exempt from all relevant examinations required for certification by the State of Georgia. To participate in the required Field Experience and Clinical Practice in order to finish the degree program, candidates must satisfy criminal background check requirements. Students should contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction to receive a copy of most recent approved state certification requirements.

Program Objectives

  1. Provide a curriculum of in-depth content in science or mathematics appropriate for grades 6-12.
  2. Provide best practices models and strategies in science and mathematics instruction.
  3. Develop teacher candidates’ skills to promote cognitive and experiential learning.
  4. Employ a strategic use of contemporary technology throughout the curriculum.
  5. Ensure that candidates understand and use data and information to assess and monitor students’ knowledge, skills and performance.
  6. Emphasize and model ways in which dispositions influences learning in the classroom.