Academic Catalog

Honors Program Colloquia (CCOL)

CCOL 104  The American Black Women  2 Credits  
Exploration of the multidimensional nature of life of black women in North America from 1619 to the present. This colloquium provides knowledge and understanding of how black women’s lives have been shaped by American systems.
CCOL 112  Moral Problems in Cont Society  2 Credits  
Consideration of current issues in biology and medicine which require ethical decisions.
CCOL 206  College Campus Culture  2 Credits  
Exploration of the social, emotional and intellectual behaviors which are transmitted and formed throughout college matriculation.
CCOL 302  Dynamics of Leadership  2 Credits  
Opportunity to explore leadership qualities and styles.
CCOL 304  Contemporary Econ Problems  2 Credits  
Major issues affecting the American political economy, particularly those issues having special significance for the economic well-being of black and other Third World peoples. Emphasis is discussions is on public policy issues.
CCOL 402  Black Self-Concepts  2 Credits  
The aspirations, accomplishments, and progress of African Americans against the historical background of W.E.B. DuBois’ Souls of Black Folk.