Academic Catalog

Exceptional Student Education (CEDS)

CEDS 425  Intro to Exceptional Education  3 Credits  
This course is designed to introduce students to the characteristics and education of individuals with disabilities.
CEDS 576  Cultural Diversity  3 Credits  
Focuses on issues pertinent to cultural diversity such as race, ethnicity, gender, and religion and the ramifications of diversity for education.
CEDS 578  Behavior Management  3 Credits  
Studies treatment of behavior problems related to adjustment and instructional management of children and youth in home, school, and community settings.
CEDS 579  Psych-Educ Evaluation Teaching  3 Credits  
Examines issues (nonbiased assessment, reliability, validity, etc.) related to the assessment of individuals with disabilities. Students will also conduct assessments of students with learning difficulties.
CEDS 580  Psych of Exceptional Children  3 Credits  
This is the graduate level introductory course for Special Education. Focuses upon the child with a disability as an individual in relation to how the environment, family, school, peers, culture and society adapt to meet that child's needs. Special emphasis will be given to educational needs and modifications as they relate to characteristics, development, and education of individuals with disabilities.
CEDS 585  Dev Problems in Speech & Lang  3 Credits  
Studies the nature and causes of deviations from normal speech and language development. Provides instruction and demonstration in area of speech and language instruction for children/youth with disabilities.
CEDS 591  Nature & Needs of Students  3 Credits  
Provides an in-depth examination of characteristics, similarities, and differences among children with mild disabilities. Prerequisites: Departmental approval.
CEDS 592  Methods for Stud w/Disabilitie  3 Credits  
Helps educators develop skills in developing and implementing a variety of teaching strategies for individuals and groups exhibiting academic problems. Prerequisites: Departmental approval.
CEDS 593  Practicum for Interrelated...  3 Credits  
Supervised practicum in P-K; 1-3; 4-5; 6-8 and 9-12 settings with children with mild disabilities. Prerequisites: departmental approval. (Students must register for their area of concentration plus weekly seminar CEDS 606; see Handbook.)
CEDS 594  Internship for Interrelated...  3 Credits  
Supervised internship in a school setting with children with mild disabilities. Prerequisites: CEDS 579, CEDS 580, CEDS 592 and CEDS 593. (Students must register for their area of concentration plus weekly seminar CEDS 606; see Handbook)
CEDS 600  Curriculum for Exceptional Ed  3 Credits  
Experiences in evaluating curriculum for individuals with mild disabilities, with an emphasis on examining effective teaching strategies and materials for use in the inclusive classroom.
CEDS 605  Diagnostic Reading  3 Credits  
Principles, strategies, causes and methods of teaching and diagnosis of reading problems/difficulties for individuals with disabilities (P-12). Provides a balance between inclusive theories and practices in the school setting. This course satisfies the Georgia special requirements in reading. Prerequisites: Departmental approval.
CEDS 606  Int Sem for Pros Sp Ed Teacher  0 Credits  
Students discuss issues, trends and challenges related to teaching individuals with disabilities. Emphasis is placed on the application and comparison of theory with actual field experiences at various levels. Course examines selected topics in exceptional education to compare theory with actual field experiences.
CEDS 642  Career Dev for Exceptional...  3 Credits  
Studies career programs and transitional issues for individuals with disabilities. Examines and utilizes specific career and vocational assessment techniques with individuals and groups. Examines tests for assessing job and career preferences of students with disabilities related to IDEA, ADA, transition to adulthood, and collaboration.
CEDS 643  Counseling Families Of.....  3 Credits  
Examines collaborative counseling role of special educators and the techniques for facilitating intellectual, emotional and social growth of individuals with disabilities.
CEDS 677  Independent Study  1-3 Credits  
Independent research under the direction of an advisor; advanced registration only with Departmental approval in an identified course of study (may be repeated only twice).
CEDS 698  Legislative & Legal Aspects Ex  3 Credits  
Examines legislation, federal regulations, constitutional law, and litigation which impact the lives of individuals with disabilities.