Academic Catalog

Africana Women's Studies (CAWS)

CAWS 490  Intro to Women's Studies  3 Credits  
A survey course which introduces the history, trends, basic ideas, scholars, problems, and content of Women's Studies programs. Open to undergraduate students.
CAWS 491  Special Topics  3 Credits  
CAWS 501  Feminist Theory  3 Credits  
Examines and analyzes the various theoretical, strategic and political positions which characterize the literature and the study of women-related issues. Special emphasis is given to the study of black feminist theory. See CPSC 606.
CAWS 502  Africana Feminist Theory  3 Credits  
A critical examination and analysis of the historical and current theories about the role and status of women of African descent. Open to advanced undergraduates with permission of instructor.
CAWS 503  Feminist Methodology  3 Credits  
A variety of research, resources, techniques, and approaches to women's studies are reviewed and assessed.
CAWS 504  Comparative Third World Women  3 Credits  
An examination of the social, political, psychological and economic conditions of African-American, Caribbean, and African women, with a view toward identifying and comparing similarities and differences among the three groups of women.
CAWS 506  Women and Development  3 Credits  
Emphasis is on the role, priorities and systematic problems associated with female participation in the development process.
CAWS 507  Rural Women  3 Credits  
A cross-cultural look at the lifestyles, socioeconomic, and political conditions and concerns of rural African, Caribbean and African-American women. Prerequisite: CAWS 506.
CAWS 508  Urban Women in Africa & Carib.  3 Credits  
A cross-cultural analysis of the concerns and conditions of African and Caribbean women who live in urban areas.
CAWS 517  Seminar on Women in Politics  3 Credits  
A study of the roles, activities and problems confronting women participating in the political system. The discrete subject of the Seminar will vary from semester to semester. See CPCS 517.
CAWS 537  The Africana Novel  3 Credits  
A study of modern African novels written in English with attention to their social contexts.
CAWS 549  Women in Comtemporary Afr Fict  3 Credits  
Examination of the status of women in modern African/African-American fiction including fiction of women throughout the African Diaspora with comparisons to their actual status in these societies. See CENG 590.
CAWS 591  The Black Aesthetic  3 Credits  
Analysis of the concept of a black world view and culture, including readings in the Western and African aesthetics as well as black American critical writings.
CAWS 600  Sem on Africana Women Studies  3 Credits  
A team-taught course designed to highlight the history, cultural diversity, contributions, and approaches to Africana Women's Studies.
CAWS 601  Directed Research  3-6 Credits  
Course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to engage in other learning experiences not available through general course work. Student and a designated faculty member plan the syllabus for the course. May be taken only twice toward completion of the program of study. Prior approval of the instructor is required.
CAWS 602  M.A. Thesis Research  1-6 Credits  
Direct advisement through individual and tutorial sessions with faculty in the completion of the thesis and research writing process. Students are expected to attend the tutorial sessions. Prerequisite: completion of Comprehensive examination and approval of department chair.
CAWS 603  Dissertation Research  1-3 Credits  
The tutorial is designed to assist students in the writing, research and oral defense of the dissertation proposal and the dissertation. Students are expected to attend the tutorial sessions. Prerequisite: completion of Comprehensive examination and approval of department chair.
CAWS 611  Intro to Africana Women's Stud  3 Credits  
This course is designed to introduce students to the discipline of Africana Women’s Studies by providing an overview of the social, political, intellectual and theoretical approaches utilized in such an academic undertaking.
CAWS 615  Race, Sex, and Class  3 Credits  
An examination of the causes and consequences of social and economic cleavages based on race, sex, and class. Emphasis is on the effects of these on African peoples generally and women specifically.
CAWS 617  Feminist Criticism  3 Credits  
An exploration and assessment of historical and contemporary concepts, issues, and concerns from a critical, feminist perspective.
CAWS 651  Internship  3-9 Credits  
Students may do supervised internships in the United States with community-based organizations, schools and other approved agencies and abroad in a women's program or other approved arena. A minimum of 240 hours of work is required. Prerequisite: Approval of the faculty member supervising the experience, department chair, and agency representative.
CAWS 652  Capstone I  3 Credits  
Students are introduced to concepts and approaches related to research in Africana Women's Studies. Students will engage in intensive readings of classical and contemporary texts which reflect the complexities of African-American Studies as the basis for learning the process of writing a thesis. Upon completion of the course, students will submit an approved topic, working bibliography and an introductory chapter.
CAWS 653  Capstone II  3 Credits  
Students will engage in intensive readings of contemporary texts which reflect the complexities of Africana Women's lived experiences. Readings assigned in Capstone I and II serve as the basis for the completion of a project consisting of an approved topic, introduction, review of the literature and bibliography.
CAWS 802  Dissertation Consultation  1 Credit