Academic Catalog

Fashion Design (CFAS)

CFAS 201  Creative Fashion Presentation  3 Credits  
Introduction into the complexities of fashion presentations through the examination of industry clinics, shows, and publications.
CFAS 210  Principles of Fashion Industry  3 Credits  
The purpose of this course is to engross you in the fashion business and help you understand how fashion promotes, stimulates and encourages creativity within us. Topics range from exploring the early beginnings of fashion to the different types of career options in fashion.
CFAS 220  History of Costume  3 Credits  
Chronological study of costumes from ancient Egyptian to 20th-century styles. Emphasis on culture, art form, and climates are related to the cause and effect of costumes in each period.
CFAS 230  Textiles  3 Credits  
Study of fibers, yarns, and weaves, fancy weaves, finishes and dyes. Students develop a familiarity with the application of fabrics in the apparel field. Prerequisites: CART 101 and 102.
CFAS 237  Fashion Illustration  3 Credits  
Fundamentals of rendering to communicate fashion design ideas. Students learn to draw the male and female fashion figure. Students learn to utilize color, proportion, fabric and methods for making quick sketches to illustrate different styles. Prerequisites: CART 101 102 and 201.
CFAS 240  Apparel Construction I  3 Credits  
Fosters the development of professional skills and techniques required for apparel construction. Prerequisites: CART 101 and 102.
CFAS 241  Apparel Construction II  3 Credits  
CFAS 250  Visual Merchandising  3 Credits  
Facets of visual merchandising including the make-up of a Visual Merchandising department and the associated aspects of visual identity. Prerequisites: CART 101 and 102.
CFAS 310  Flat Pattern  3 Credits  
Fundamentals of basic principles of flat patternmaking are covered, including slopers for collars, sleeves, bodices, skirts, and pants. Prerequisite: CFAS 240 or permission of instructor.
CFAS 314  Promotional Planning Strategy  3 Credits  
Comprehensive study integrating all phases of fashion marketing channels. Emphasis on the scope and importance of each phase and the necessity of identifying target markets and developing appropriate strategies. Prerequisites: CFAS 210 and CBUS 336.
CFAS 320  Draping  3 Credits  
The execution of a design from working sketch to a finished garment using draping techniques of fabric on the dress form. Prerequisite: CFAS 310 or permission of instructor.
CFAS 325  Wardrobe Styling & Consulting  3 Credits  
Investigations into the principles for conducting wardrobe assessments, clothing clusters, and matching wardrobe to various personality types.
CFAS 340  Apparel Construction II  3 Credits  
A continuation of Apparel Construction I with emphasis on design details. Instruction in basic manipulation of commercial patterns to create individual details, construction of fully lined unstructured garments in intermediate level fabrics. Prerequisites: CFAS 240
CFAS 350  Fashion Accessory Design  3 Credits  
A capsulated overview of the field that identifies the industry¿s major components, products and processors, manufacturers and designers, retailers and promoters. Prerequisites: CFAS 210, 220 and 240.
CFAS 360  Fashion Apparel CAD  3 Credits  
Students develop expertise in technological line development by utilizing industry software. Prerequisites: CART 101, 102 and 277.
CFAS 401  Retail Mathematics  3 Credits  
Introduction into developing and mastering mathematical techniques relative to a career in the retail buying arena. Prerequisites: CMAT 103 and 104, CFAS 440, and CFAS 314.
CFAS 402  Fashion Buying & Planning  3 Credits  
Study of the principles of fashion merchandising. Examines budgeting, marketing objectives, volume and profit, merchandise assortment planning, expenditure control, and inventory management. Case studies highlight problems of the fashion marketplace. Prerequisites: CMAT 103 and 104, CFAS 440, and CFAS 314.
CFAS 410  Fashion Design Sr Collection  3 Credits  
A comprehensive course that allows students to apply skills in the development of a line of merchandise incorporating patternmaking, apparel construction and portfolio preparation. Prerequisite: CART 101,102, 201, CFAS 240, 310.
CFAS 420  Fashion Show Production  3 Credits  
Involves the production of a full-scale fashion show featuring student designs and methods of promotion.
CFAS 425  Case Studies Fashion Marketing  3 Credits  
Students are presented opportunities to analyze decision-making in arriving at independent solutions to typical marketing problems. The presentations of actual cases are evaluated for weighing of factual data, disciplined thinking and rational conclusions.
CFAS 430  Trend Forecasting  3 Credits  
The study of current fashion trends in the market. Learning to predict future trends through reporting strategies is a key component of the course.
CFAS 440  Retail Management  3 Credits  
Study of retail industry, emphasizing the interdependence of functional operations of stores, types of merchandising, and the interrelationship of the major facets of the industry and its markets. Prerequisites: CFAS 210, 220 and 250.
CFAS 450  Fashion Design Portfolio  3 Credits  
Capstone course for fashion design concentration students.
CFAS 480  Internship  3-6 Credits  
Can be taken up to three times. Student participation in a supervised fashion industry work experience to increase professional skills. Open only to majors.
CFAS 490  Fash Merchandising Sr Seminar  3 Credits  
Capstone course for fashion merchandising students.
CFAS 495  Independent Study  3 Credits  
In consultation with a department faculty member, upper-division students may select an appropriate subject to explore. The independent study requires each participating student, working with a department faculty member, to develop a proposal outlining the scope of the project and the hourly credit to be assigned.
CFAS 499  Special Topics  3 Credits  
Upper-division students explore topical issues in fashion design or merchandising.