Academic Catalog

Health & Physical Education (CHPE)

CHPE 404   Meth of Teaching Elem Ed & PE  3 Credits  
This course is designed for candidates who will be teaching physical education at the elementary school level. The course provides a source of information about the most recent trends and developments in physical education, addressing the inclusion of students with special needs, temporary and permanent adaptive strategies, program evaluation, safety procedures, equipment selection, program planning motor exploration, physical fitness, and as a resource for new games, stunts, dances, and fitness development. Pedagogical strategies, Multicultural approaches, technology integration and curriculum design will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education or Educational Studies.
CHPE 413  Health Ed. Curriculum Methods  3 Credits  
This course provides the background information and skills teachers need to implement comprehensive school health at grade levels in which they are certified. The course includes information on the six categories of risk behavior identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: (1) communicable diseases, (2) sexually transmitted diseases, (3) non-communicable diseases, and (4) chronic degenerative disease. It examines educational reforms that focus on improving the health of today¿s youth. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education or Educational Studies.