Academic Catalog

Educational Foundations (CEDF)

CEDF 211  Foundations of Education  3 Credits  
An introduction to the profession of teaching from an urban context. Examines the philosophical, historical, and sociological roots of basic questions and possible solutions in the field of American education and, specifically, in urban communities. Admission to Teacher Education or Educational Studies.
CEDF 500A  New Leaders Orientation  0 Credits  
CEDF 550  History of Urban Education  3 Credits  
Highly effective school leaders understand the historical and contemporary implications of how racial and socioeconomic inequities continue to shape patterns of access and quality in education throughout the United States. These transformational leaders organize their entire school community around ensuring learning environments are free from bias and limitation. In doing so, they build a stronger, more equitable, and more just society – and serve as examples of what’s possible in America’s public education system. This course is essential for aspiring educational leaders in that it provides opportunities to examine and dissect the history of our education system as foundational knowledge required to envision a new model for schools and educational leadership grounded in racial equity. By disrupting inequities in our education system that disproportionately impact underserved students, in particular students of color, we create more equitable outcomes for all students and the school communities we serve. The course will examine the history, practices, and policies that create, maintain, and uphold inequities. Students will co-create ways to apply this understanding to practice in order to improve educational excellence for all children, especially children from historically marginalized groups.
CEDF 553  Schooling and the Urban Comm.  3 Credits  
This course seeks to cultivate and then encourage the utilization of a sociological lens to examine our urban societies, our communities and our schools. Offered in spring and alternate summers.
CEDF 654  Educ & Urban Development  3 Credits  
Explores the social context of urban education, the development and expansion of concentrated poverty in central city schools, and the research on the relationship between poverty and educational performance. Students study coordinated services for children and families and models for institutional collaboration. Offered in fall and alternate summers.