Academic Catalog

Spelman Dance (SDAN)

SDAN 104B  Div of the Arts First Yr Sem  0 Credits  
SDAN 200  Dance Performance  1 Credit  
For students who have dance skills beyond the elementary level of accomplishment in ballet, modern or jazz and who wish to continue their development through participation with the Spelman Dance Theatre. Concentration will be on performance techniques, clean execution, and the high disciplinary standards expected of professional performers. This course may be taken with credit for three years. Admission to course by audition.
SDAN 203  Critical Writing for Dance  4 Credits  
SDAN 204B  Div of the Arts Sophomore Sem  0 Credits  
SDAN 300  Art of Teaching Dance  4 Credits  
SDAN 301  Choregraphy II  4 Credits  
SDAN 351  Int./Adv Jazz Technique  1 Credit